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Odd Federal Graves Amendment Case: to Avoid Vicarious Liability Owner of Vehicle Must Prove its Affiliate was also Free of Negligence.

By Greg Johnson. In Stratton v. Wallace, 11-CV-74-A HKS, 2014 WL 3809479 (W.D.N.Y. Aug. 1, 2014), the court came to an odd result under the Graves Amendment (Transportation Equity Act of 2005 (49 USC § 30106)), a statute intended to … Continue reading

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Leasing, Rentals and Vicarious Liability: An Overview of the Graves Amendment

By Greg Johnson. Over the past twenty five years, I’ve represented many companies engaged in the business of leasing or renting vehicles.  In the 1990’s, prior to the passage of the Transportation Equity Act (49 USC § 30106) (a/k/a “Graves … Continue reading

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Auto Claims & Self Insured Retentions (“SIR”): Does the SIR Constitute “Insurance” ?

By Greg Johnson. The determination of whether a self-insured retention (SIR) constitutes “insurance” within the meaning of an “other insurance” clause of another policy generally depends on the particular circumstances presented.  See, e.g., Champlain Cas. Co. v. Agency Rent-A-Car, Inc., … Continue reading

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Commercial Auto: Owner of Semi-Trailer not Vicariously Liable for Negligent Operation of Semi-Truck.

What definition of “motor vehicle” applies when determining whether the Minnesota motor vehicle vicarious liability law applies?   The Minnesota Court of Appeals addressed the issue in late 2009. By 2005, only eleven states imposed vicarious liability on the owner of … Continue reading

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Commercial & Personal Auto: Vicarious Liability not Limited to Negligent Operation of Vehicle

By Greg Johnson. Every once in a while, while putting together a blog post on a particular issue, I run across a case that doesn’t fit into the post I am putting together, but is nonetheless interesting. Here’s an oldie, … Continue reading

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Commercial & Personal Auto: Permissive Use, Omnibus Coverage & Split Liability Limits

I often receive questions regarding the “rules” which apply to accidents involving rental vehicles, loaner vehicles, leased vehicles, demos, spot-delivered vehicles, etc.  I thought I’d take some time to update some of my seminar materials and provide an update.   … Continue reading

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Reducing Defense Costs: “High-Low Coverage Agreements”

I was dusting off some old seminar materials and ran across an article I had written back in 1995 regarding the use of high-low coverage agreements.  In light of the economy and insurer’s efforts to save costs, the article is perhaps even … Continue reading

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