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Reducing Defense Costs: “High-Low Coverage Agreements”

I was dusting off some old seminar materials and ran across an article I had written back in 1995 regarding the use of high-low coverage agreements.  In light of the economy and insurer’s efforts to save costs, the article is perhaps even … Continue reading

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CGL Coverage: Latent Defects and Continuous, Progressive or Recurring Damages (Allocation of Liability)

By Greg Johnson. Which CGL policy (or policies) will apply in a property damage claim involving continuing, progressive or recurring damages?  Whether the underlying claim is one of environmental liability, asbestos, construction defect or products liability, claims involving damages which extend … Continue reading

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Subcontractor Liable for General Contractor’s Pre-Notice Defense Fees

Many states recognize that a liability insurer is not obligated to pay for the defense of a claim until it is notified of the suit. See, e.g., Home Ins. Co. v. National Union Fire Ins. of Pittsburgh, 658 N.W.2d 522, … Continue reading

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Employee Dishonest Acts Not Covered by Fidelity Bond

A federal district court in Wisconsin recently ruled that losses a mortgage lender incurred as a result of having to repurchase loans that were issued through the dishonest acts of an employee and went into default were not covered by … Continue reading

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(Part VI) Minnesota CGL: Getting a Handle on Large Construction Defect Claims

This post is a continuation of the series “Minnesota CGL: Getting a Handle on Large Construction Defect Claims.” This post (Part VI) is the first of several posts which address additional insured (AI) coverage for a general contractor under the … Continue reading

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