G Johnson Law: Neutral Insurance Coverage Evaluations

Mr. Johnson provides neutral insurance coverage evaluations in Minnesota. This is a form of non-binding, alternate dispute resolution where disputing parties agree to submit their coverage positions to a subject expert in writing to evaluate whether coverage exists for a given situation. The evaluator is, typically, a disinterested party with a high level of experience in the form of coverage under dispute. A neutral coverage evaluation can be of great benefit where the outcome of the case hinges on insurance coverage (e.g., the damages are fixed, the damages exceed the policy limits, an insured has entered into a Miller-Shugart type settlement, the parties otherwise have a good sense of the damages, etc.). The evaluation can be presented in any number of forms, depending only on the creativity of the parties. Mr. Johnson may, for example, be retained to: (1) provide both parties a written assessment of the coverage issues similar to a trial court or appellate decision, (2) provide to each party a confidential written assessment of the likelihood that the party will prevail on the coverage issues; or (3) conduct a conference where the assessment is discussed orally with each party or both parties. Depending on the complexity of the case and coverage issues involved, the evaluation can often be provided on a flat-fee basis so the parties know exactly how much the process will cost up-front.

Greg has over twenty-five years of experience in analyzing and litigating insurance coverage disputes on behalf of policyholders and insurers under various coverage forms including commercial and personal auto, garage (auto dealer) liability, trucking, transportation network company, commercial general liability, homeowners and professional liability policies. Over the course of his legal career, he has prevailed in over 85% of substantive motions and appeals to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Minnesota Supreme Court, United States District Court and Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. (Reported decisions can be found on the “cases” page).

This blog is for informational purposes only. By reading it, no attorney-client relationship is formed. The law is constantly changing and if you want legal advice, please consult an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. G Johnson Law PLLP © All rights reserved 2017.

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