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Guest Contributor Jim Radogna: Dealer Fees Under Attack

By Jim Radogna. Two recent actions for alleged dealer fee violations in South Carolina and Indiana are a potential cause for concern in other states due to the likelihood of copycat legal actions. While these states had no caps on … Continue reading

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Times Change and so do Car Prices: Bring back the Gremlin!!

By Greg Johnson. I remember when my dad sold AMC Gremlins for $1,999 in the early 1970’s.  Yes, I grew up with Hornets, Javelins, Matadors, Pacers and Gremlins — probably the most bizarre car line ever produced in America, or … Continue reading

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Auto Rental News Special Report: The Problem with Renting Fast Cars

I was a featured commentator in this report, the second highest viewed article of Auto Rental News in 2015: Traditional rental companies and leasing companies are protected by laws that eliminate vicarious liability (such as the federal Graves Amendment) or … Continue reading

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Why do Auto Dealers Purchase Limited Truth in Lending Coverage?

By Greg Johnson. Why do dealerships keep purchasing statutory errors and omissions coverage that is not likely to protect the dealership if it is sued by a customer for truth in lending violations? I’ve been handling dealership insurance coverage disputes … Continue reading

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Protecting the Dealership’s “Front-End” and “Back-End”: What Does that Mean?

By Greg Johnson. Everyone in the retail automobile industry is familiar with the terms “front-end” and “back-end.” They represent two sources of potential revenue (and, hopefully, profit) for auto dealerships: The “front-end” refers to revenue realized on the sale of … Continue reading

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Minnesota Dealership and Lenders Prevail in Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation

By Greg Johnson. Can an auto dealership be liable for damages when it transmits a customer’s credit application to several financial institutions through an automated on-line credit application system and the financial institutions pulls the customer’s credit report without express … Continue reading

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The CFPB Strikes Again – Class Action Waivers to be Eliminated? Maybe Not.

The Bad News.By Greg Johnson. At a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau field hearing in Denver, the CFPB revealed a proposal to eliminate the use of class action waivers in consumer finance contracts. Many retail installment sales contracts require arbitration … Continue reading

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