The Problem with Renting Fast Cars: A Special Report of the Auto Rental News

19dgb6cqxr9ywjpgI was recently interviewed in connection with a most interesting article by Chris Brown of the Auto Rental News:

“Enter the world of brokering, where fleet funding, commercial insurance and even car ownership are not necessities. As the name suggests, brokers connect owners of exotic cars with renters. Simple in its base form, there are many permutations to a brokered car rental transaction. 
In a common scenario, established companies that own the cars and carry fleet insurance regularly horse trade with similar rental companies to better service their customers. This transaction is backed by the contract and insurance of one of the companies. In the broker model, individuals will set up a company, often an LLC (limited liability company), and create a website with stock photos of cars they think they can procure. In a legitimate transaction, brokers connect a renter to an established rental company and take a cut for their service. They rely on the renter’s insurance as primary and the rental company’s commercial policy as secondary. Slipping into a gray area, brokers will rent vehicles from legitimate companies in their personal names and then re-rent the vehicles to personal clients without the rental companies’ knowledge.”

I was interviewed with respect to insurance issues and the non-applicability of the federal Graves Amendment and state caps on vicarious liability to the owner of brokered exotic car rentals. You can read the full article, and my comments, by clicking the link below:

Special Report: The Problem with Renting Fast Cars – Article – Auto Rental News.

This blog is for informational purposes only. By reading it, no attorney-client relationship is formed. The law is constantly changing and if you want legal advice, please consult an attorney. Gregory J. Johnson ©All rights reserved. 2014.

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