Auto Rental News Special Report: The Problem with Renting Fast Cars


I was a featured commentator in this report, the second highest viewed article of Auto Rental News in 2015:

Traditional rental companies and leasing companies are protected by laws that eliminate vicarious liability (such as the federal Graves Amendment) or state laws that cap vicarious liability. These laws usually only apply to vehicle owners “engaged in the trade or business of renting or leasing motor vehicles” and “are not likely to help the individual who owns an exotic car and wants to make some side income by allowing it to be rented out,” says Greg Johnson, a Minnesota attorney focusing on auto dealers and rental car and transportation companies. “Additionally, the vehicle owner remains on the hook for claims of direct negligence, such as negligent vehicle maintenance or even negligent entrustment.”

You can check out the full article here: Special Report: The Problem with Renting Fast Cars

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